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Outside ground

Holiday on the farm

Relaxation is particularly important at the Sinnlehenhof, as we are the starting point for many beautiful hikes or bike tours. But if you would like to spend a day at the farm, this is also no problem, as we have a lot of opportunities to offer.

In the summer

While you are enjoying your book or sunbathing comfortably in a deck chair on our Hollywood swing, our little guests can play on our playground. We offer it all, sandbox, swing, trampoline, table tennis or a pole to climb on. We also offer toy tractors, go carts and a lot of other vehicles to play on, badminton and a lot of other games. The brave children can also spend the night in our play hut with a flashlight. Our small animals are also happy about all the pats, fresh grass and a clean stable – here Renate can need a lot of help!

At 5pm the farmer Hans is on his way up to the alpine hut, you can also join him and watch him, while he is milking the cows. Where does the milk come from? What does Hans do with it? There is also a visit down to the cheese dairy included. At the end you can feed our calves and pigs – it’s an unforgettable experience.

The summer nights are also known as our BBQ season. While the children play at the fire place and bake their bread or their sausages, the parents can sit round the terrace and enjoy their food. To make your salads and sauces as tasty as possible, you may also use our herbs from our herb garden.

In the winter

While the parents are reading an exciting book next to our warm fire place and drink their hot coffee or tea, the kids are able to go outside and go sledging, have snowball fights, build and igloo or use our sports room. In the house there is also a big wardrobe filled with different games and drawing kits, with these things the winter evenings pass by very quickly.

If the snow conditions allow it, Hand will prepare a bobsleigh track, we are happy to provide various bobsleighs etc. For skiers we have a place to put your ski boots, it’s a heater so the boots can dry overnight and are warm and dry for the next day!

The playground

Family holiday at the Sinnlehenhof

If your children are happy – you as parents can enjoy your holiday!

For children we have a playground in front of our farmhouse, a swing, a sand pit, a slide and a fully furbished playhouse. We also have a lot of animals to see at the Sinnlehenhof: rabbits, cats and goats are looking forward to being patted.

In the summer your children can play on our big playground in front of our farmhouse, they can bake sand cakes, jump on trampolines, play table tennis, swim in our inflatable children’s pool, soar on the swing or slide from the "tower building" in the playground.

All vehicles can be used, no matter whether you play with farmer Hans’ toy tractor, or you have a go-cart race – it’s always fun at the SINNLEHENHOF!

In the summer, you can use our playhouse, doll kitchen, workbench and colouring board for some role-plays.

Our brave children can spend a night in our playhouse in the bunk bed.