The cheese dairy at the Sinnlehenhof

How did it come to it?

As we took over the farm in year 1995 we asked ourselves the question whether Hans would like to continue to run the farm as a side-line like his father or whether we develop a new concept that enables us to run the business full-time.

In small steps, Hans learnt the art of cheese making, attended many courses and obtained a wide range of advice from experienced cheese makers. First of all, we made provisional arrangements at the farm and at the alm hut and developed further over time. A lot of work also meant moving the cheese dairy equipment from the alm hut in summer to home in winter and vice versa. Therefor from the season in 2017 we decided to use the new farm cheese dairy all year round.

During the summer months the milk of our 12 cows is brought from the alm hut to the farm cheese dairy with a mobile cooling tank, where it is processed in various types of cheese and butter. When the cows are milked on the farm, we have the option of directing the milk from the milking parlor to the cheese kettle. For the marketing of the products, the alm hut is a very important factor, as that is the place where many guests and locals buy the products.

We are very happy about the fact, that the gastronomy is now fully involved and highly appreciates our organic products. Today we can be proud and say – it was the right way!

cheese dairy

in Saalfelden Leogang

products and prices

cheese from Leogang

butter € 16,50/kg caraway cheese € 17,90/kgsnow rose (cheese) € 19,50/kg
Sinnlehen cheese € 17,20/kg mountain cheese € 19,00/kgbutter cheese € 18,50/kg
pepper cheese € 17,90/kg fenugreek seeds cheese € 17,90/kg

sales and purchase

location and opening hours

The products are available in summer at our alm hut and from October until May at our farm house the Sinnlehenhof. Please register or pre-order by telephone.

Tel.: 06583 8438
Hans: 0676 62 14 909
Renate: 0676 84 22 14 716

Our products are available in the following shops:


Lagerhaus Leogang
Leogang Nr. 75
5771 Leogang


Tuesdays and Thursdays we offer freshly baked bread. Otherwise we offer cheese, sausages, bacon, Schnapps, butter, yoghurt, and different kinds of honey.

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 7.30 am – 12 pm
Mon – Fri: 2 pm – 5 pm
Sat: 7.30 am – 12 pm

Dorfladen Leogang
Leogang Nr. 42
5771 Leogang


Regional specialities, gift ideas and Pinzauer hand craftsmanship. Dorflade-Café.

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri: 7.30 am – 12 pm
Tue – Fri: 2 pm – 6 pm
Sat: 7.30 am – 12 pm

Saalachtaler Bauernladen
Lofererstraße 26
5760 Saalfelden


Here you can purchase a lot of farm products and handmade works.

Opening hours:
Monday closed
Tue – Thu and Sat: 8.30 am – 12 pm
Fri: 2 pm – 6 pm

The alm hut as the mainspring of the cheese dairy.

The cheese dairy at the Sinnlehen alm hut.

When Johann and Renate Scheiber took over the part time business 14 years ago, there was a clear goal for the both of them: Both should have a job at the company. They found a way to do that through the alm hut or over the new construction of the alm hut in 1996, which is only one kilometre away from the farm. Equipped with a milking parlor, a cheese dairy and a cheese cellar that can be seen through a glass window, the two started into a new area for them.

In year 2000 the barn at the home farm was converted into a playpen, but only for the dairy cows. The young cattle were brought up at another farm for rearing. “The pasture was the driving force behind our direct marketing on the farm”, says Johann, who is happy about the path he has chosen.

“We have created a good sales channel, we sell a lot of products through the Saalachtaler farm shop”, says the experienced cheese maker. We offer six different cheese sorts, the Tilsitter, mountain cheese and camembert are the main sorts.

The guests at our farm can enjoy this gesture. Renate offers an organic breakfast, after all, it is very important to offer a healthy diet. “As local farmer I like to stand up for conscious grocery shopping and food quality, I find it sad, that so many people save their money when it comes to grocery shopping, we have to do educational work here”, says the committed farmer.

(Extract from a report by the Salzburg Chamber of Agriculture from January 27th, 2010; Author: Ing. Christine Mooslechner)